• Drug Class:
    Oral Anabolic Androgenic Steroid
  • Units:
    10 mg/tab
  • Active Substance:



Oxandroplex – Use and Benefits

Oxandroplex is basically Oxandrolone, found in a vial containing 10mg tablets. This is an oral AAS. The contractions of the component follow Oxandrolone discreetly.

Oxandrolonone is one of the well known steroids accessible in the exhibition improving part. Individuals utilizing the steroid does not just search for execution boosting yet in addition use it to mend the perplexing harms that the body may need to tolerate during the hour of broad instructional meetings. The steroid can be applied to the two people yet one may not get such an enchanted impacts subsequent to applying this steroid. This steroid is really a DHT subordinate of Oxandrolone. The drug organization G.D Searle with the name of Anavar had advertised Oxandrolone and even following quite a long while the name just as its notoriety has not been changed.


This DHT determined steroid has been changed in its seventeenth carbon position, which has turned it a solid anabolic steroid. Simultaneously the modification has helped the steroid to endure the metabolic breakdown in the body. This steroid is delegated a C17AA steroid because of its change to transform it into an oral-steroid.


Oxandroplex is similar to Oxandrolone that contains of about 322 to 633% anabolic potency with just 24% androgenic potency of methyltestosterone. This component contains 6 times anabolic potency of testosterone. As a 5-alpha reductase, it is not a substrate for 5-alpha reductase.


The powerful dose of Anavar is 20 to 100mgs per day. The patients should converse with the specialists for their pertinent doses. The bioavailability of the component is 97% with 94-97% protein binding percentage. Oxandroplex has preliminary metabolism is in the kidneys followed by the metabolism in liver. The elimination half-life would be of about 9.4 to 10.4 hours and elderly people experience the half-life of 13.3 hours. The excretion would be take place by urine (28%) and feces (3%).


Hypercalcemia due to increasing osteolytic bone resorption may affect the body and with the consumption of the composition, Oxandroplex may create certain kind of masculinization of the fetus. The component is insoluble in water and relatively neutral. The component is solid and oxandrolone gets located in the cytoplasm and membrane of the human body. The 17-alpha alkylated AAS can effectively maintain the metabolism level that appears to be contrasting DHT. It is good for gaining weight, which appears perfect for the patients suffering from HIV and AIDS-related wasting syndrome. It can be effective to treat GH deficiency or pituitary dwarfism among kids. It is a good substance to treat Turner’s syndrome as well. Improving muscle strength and retaining water are considerably perfect for physical boosts. However, it would be ideal not to mix the component with alcohol.

Side effects

There are various side effects of an AAS. The Schedule III drug may cause gynecomastia and aromatize for estrogenic metabolites. The 17-alpha-alkylkated AAS may also affect the body with hepatotoxicity. Any sort of abdominal hemorrhage should be brought to notice of the medical experts as a precautionary measure.

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