Trenaplex A 100

  • Drug Class:
    Anabolic Steroid (for intramuscular injection)
  • Units:
    100 mg/ml
  • Active Substance:

    Trenbolone Acetate


Promote the muscle growth of your livestock with trenaplex a 100

Livestock is part of human life too. You get a lot of benefits from the cattle or poultry. So, you must keep them healthy and strong enough to produce better. They need a proper hormonal dosage of the trenaplex a 100. It enables better muscle growth for the cattle. The medicine includes a component of Trenbolone Acetate.

Recently, the usage of trenbolone acetate has changed the course. Now, it is formulated for humans also. But the level is so high that beginners should avoid the consumption of the med. It will affect in a negative way rather than the desired effect. People who are willing to work out and give their bodies a chisel look should go with the compound. Both athletes and bodybuilders consider this as the best for performance enhancement.


The expected results are similar to the other component of the same group. All these hormonal medicines enable to increase the strength and stamina. But other than this, there are a list of effects of the trenaplex a 100, like-

  1. You can gain weight up to 15-20 pounds within 8 weeks in the cycle of consumption.
  2. Muscular endurance gets enhanced manifold.
  3. Power indicators increase in number.
  4. The fat burning process gets enhanced
  5. Growth hormone secretion maximizes
  6. Cardio-vascular activity increases.
  7. Oxygenation, in an enhanced way, takes place.
  8. Fat burning properties enhanced
  9. Promote faster recovery rates
  10. Protein synthesis speeds up.

Side effects

Like other components, the trenbolone acetate presented in trenaplex a 100has some definite side effects. Though the impact always depends on the consumer's tolerance level, still the component has some significant side-effects in general.

  • Once the trend ace solutions are injected, water retention stop occurring.
  • The chances of occurring Gynecomastia remains as the hormone carries a strong progestin nature affecting the male figure.
  • Only sensitive male bodies will get affected by this specific effect.
  • Consumption of this highly androgenic hormone confirms that the user will experience effects like acne, rapid hair loss, and oily skin.
  • People with symptoms of male baldness will be prone to more hair loss at any time.
  • Cardiovascular strain and harmful cholesterol are two more criticalaspects to look at while injecting a trenbolone acetate solution.
  • The compound can be a significant factor for fluctuation in blood pressure. But not everyone needs to worry about that.
  • Prolonged use can cause damage to liver function, causing further damage to other parts of the body.
  • If the proper cycle is missed while injecting the med in completing the therapy, it may negatively affect the normal functioning of testosterone.

The length of a cycle also remains very important for the side effects to occur. A doctor’s prescription and suggestion related to dosage must be maintained to keep the usage in check. So, the med will help positively but not affect other organs significantly.

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