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Proviraplex: Anti-estrogen feature is the key

About The Product

It is an anabolic and androgenic product with a considerable affinity to sex hormone binding globulin that is SHBG. This is a particular protein which enables the body to free more endogenous hormone to be active in the system. The product has to be stored in a cool and dry place away from heat. Apart from infertility treatment this product is rightly utilized by the strength sports persons to build muscle and enhance performance.


It provides the right type of hardening effect of  the muscle that is fit for any competition in respect of the strength sports persons. Due to the anti-estrogen effects the body does not retain water and it is possible for the strength sports persons to posses the lean body structure. It is really effective in the post cycle period when there is a possibility of the synthetic testosterone to convert into estrogen. As water is not retained so the muscle development is genuine. Persons with low androgen levels experience better sex drive. It is effectively used to stimulate sperm production and eliminate sexual dysfunction in men.

Dose and Cycles

The dose is 25 to 200 mg per day for male and 25 to 50mg per day for the female strength sports persons. Now the female sports persons should strictly maintain the dose as recommended and should stack the right kind of anabolic product otherwise there may be a possibility of virilizing effects.

Mode of functioning

As it has considerable affinity to Sex Hormone Binding Globulin, this product acts as a magnifier of the anabolic effects. Its anti-aromatase activity effectively helps in preventing the ingredients convert into estrogen. As a result, after the cycle of the product the result is hardening of skeletal muscles. In the process it provides a muscular look which is popular within the community of strength sports persons. It is effectively used as an anti-estrogen agent that prevents estrogen being produced though aromatization of anabolic products. Considering the performance enhancement factor the product enables the muscle tissues to retain sufficient nitrogen, which in turn accelerate the protein synthesis.


It is prudent to consult the specialist and provide a list of medicines been already been taken.Anti-diabetic medications, thyroxine and phenytoin may interact.


It is quite useful in the treatment of sexual dysfunction in male and infertility. In the strength sports sphere, it can be used as a powerful stack for making the correct breakthrough at the stagnation point of bulking phase. It is quite useful in the off season for the right type of bulk development. It is more effectively used in the cutting phases because of the right kind of hardening effects. As the product is an anti-estrogen itself, then generally post cycle anti-estrogen product is not required. It will be prudent to consult the trainers in this regard. Another advantage is that this product increases the amount of free testosterone, so the level will not go down. Effectively during the use of anabolic product the natural testosterone level is low. It promotes the breakdown of fat deposits into energy and the body strength increases. This synthetic version of testosterone increases the production of red blood cells to increase physical endurance. In the process the strength sports person can perform at an enhanced level.

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