• Drug Class:
    Aromatase Inhibitor
  • Units:
    2.5 mg/tab
  • Active Substance:



Letroplex: Blocking estrogen production and conversion

Product Brief

Functionally, this oral product acts as an aromatase inhibitor initially introduced for the advance treatment of hormonally-responsive breast cancers for the post menopausal women. It has been found that certain types of breast cancers grow faster with the intervention of estrogen. This anti-estrogen product helps in decreasing estrogen in the body. This product does not cause water retention and this is another reason why Letroplex is popular with the community of strength sports persons during the post cycle period. Moreover, after a cycle of an anabolic product is complete there is a possibility of estrogen conversion. This product effectively prevents this process so the muscle building process is not hampered.


This product acts by attachment to the aromatase enzyme and prevents conversion of androgen to estrogen. Ovaries do not produce estrogen, a protein named as Aromatase produces it and this product blocks the production. In the case of strength sports persons this anti-estrogen product enables the system to stimulate the suppressed natural testosterone for the muscle building purpose.

Dose and cycles

In the case of gyno complications, women should start with a low dose. The average dose is .25 to1.00mg every day; this dose can be adjusted depending upon the physical condition and the response. Generally it is found that its half life is up to 4 days. In the case of strength sports persons the dose is .5 to 2.5mg per day. In the case of strength sports persons it has a half life of 2 to 4 days. In the case the dose is exceeded sufficiently without consulting any specialist then there may be the possibility of swelling, weakness, numbness and vision problems to occur. By chance you miss a dose then never have two doses at the same time.

Mode of functioning

Generally estrogen is produced by the conversion of androgens with the help of action of aromatase enzymes. Letroplex blocks the production process of estrogen through reversible binding to the heme of its cytochrome unit. It also increases luteinizing and follicle stimulating hormone.


In the case you have allergy to certain products you must let the specialist know about it. Also, you should produce a list of the medications presently you are having. In the case you are pregnant then you should consult the specialist whether you can take the product. Medications of the genre citalopram and thalidomide may interact.


It has been successfully used in the advance treatment of breast cancer where the patient has undergone initial treatment with the help of hormone receptor. Now the cancerous cells grow faster with the intervention of estrogene.Letroplex actively prevents the cells from growing any more. In the strength sports sphere this product has been found to be quite effective in eliminating the possible estrogen conversion in the post cycle period. In fact in this period an anti-estrogen product is essential to prevent the estrogen factors. This product effectively blocks estrogen production and water retention does not occur. In the process the strength sports persons can have genuine muscle development. Moreover, in the case of water retention, there is a possibility of putting overweight. As there is no water retention so the muscles look more defined and hard. Additionally it has the capacity to neutralize gynocomastia realtedside effects.

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